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Oregon Grape Flower Essence

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*NEW ESSENCE* Oregon Grape Flower Essence serves the soul with an inclusive infusion of group consciousness and positive support for community endeavors. It helps the individual sweep away negative projections, allowing an objective view of oneself rather than an idea of what others may think of them.

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Oregon Grape Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Oregon Grape Remedy helps people who may feel paranoid in their surroundings or fear social interaction. Its yellow petals will turn to dark dusty blue berries, which gives it the common name ‘Oregon Grape.” This evergreen is not a ‘grape’ and is often referred to as Oregon grape-Holly due to its shiny, spiky leaves that grow and resemble the holly plant. This remedy helps us to assimilate and manage our social responsibilities.

The shrub can live heartily in all types of soil; it prefers shady spots and attracts many birds.

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