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Plumeria Flower Essence

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*NEW ESSENCE* Plumeria Flower Essence offers balance between forces of light and dark. Its scent is most fragrant under the moon. The remedy assists those who must establish balance between an overly active constitution and stagnation. Plumeria assists with dreamtime, sleep, and protects one from the invasion of nighttime fears. It enhances prayer, meditation, and rest.

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Plumeria Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Plumeria Flower Essence is a sacred flower in many cultures. Its common name is ‘frangipani’, but it is known as ‘yasmin’ in Persia, ‘Champa’ in India, (used in the making of incense,) and ‘araliya’ in Sri Lanka. In Hawaii it is known as ‘melia.’

The plant bears no fruit, yet its highly fragrant scent attracts insects by duping them into pollination as they search for nectar. The Plumeria tree is highly susceptible to outer conditions, needing just the right amount of water/sun balance. It was planted in cemeteries as a means to protect the living from ghosts and around holy sites and temples to protect and align forces between the seen and unseen worlds.

I have wanted to produce this flower essence for a long time. With a deep affinity for the Hawaiian Islands, this particular flower has been a personal favorite. As I tuned into its essence and listened to the message of the flower, I understood why I have loved it so much. Not only is the fragrance sublime, its myth and story offer sacred protection in our sleep life.

It was time to make this essence, and I am grateful for it. I believe we are in need of Plumeria during this time when the veil is becoming thinner, and the world beyond it more accessible.

Beginning at age 5, I began to recall time and time again the out-of-body experiences that would frighten my young soul. The protection needed was found at a later age when I began to explore the phenomenon of out-of-body and near-death experiences. I am confident that this essence will assist other young children and adults to travel with greater safety and protection.

It was the perfect time for me to make this essence, and I am grateful for its beautiful flowers. May our journeys be beautiful and safe, and may your awareness of the inner world bring peace and calm.

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