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Urban Essential Kit

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Purchase All Six Easy To Use Urban Blends Packaged In A Little Carry Case Designed For Travel and Everyday Use. Our six fabulous blends assist with Mental Clarity, Heart Break, Procrastination, Low Energy, Depression, and Low Self-Esteem. Purchase this little Medicine Chest for the Soul…you'll never want to leave home without it! (Purchase Individual Blends Below)

SKU: FEK-010

Celebrate-Me is a radiant blend of Buttercup, Shooting Star and Sunflower created to boost self worth, confidence, and to restore a Love for Life!


Cheer-Me is a healing blend of Borage, Gentian and Wild Rose created to restore hope, courage, and optimism, especially when a despairing mood impedes upon the heart. 


Comfort-Me is a soothing blend of Baby Blue Eyes, Bleeding Heart and Mariposa Lily created to comfort following the death of a loved one, divorce, and the sadness that burdens the soul after extreme loss or tragedy.  


De-Sress Me is a perfected blend of Aloe Vera, Dandelion and Elm created to ease the tension and burnout that comes from an over-extended, hectic and stress filled life. 


Energize-Me is a 'pick-me-up' blend of  Blackberry, Larkspur and Wild Iris created to revitalize energy and it helps with creativity, procrastination, and lethargy. 


Organize-Me is a stimulating blend of Madia, Shasta Daisy and White Chestnut created to clear away mental stagnation and unfocused use of time. It assists with  order, concentration and mental clarity and is perfect for writers, students, and those in need of a mental boost.

Urban Essential Kit
Our Urban Essentials Kit  includes six healthy and healing flower essence blends including a fold out instruction card offering information on the blends and their uses. These flower essence blends come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles.

Your six healing blends are:

Celebrate Me - Promotes self-esteem and self-worth so that one may discover the true light of joy from within. I honor myself. Ingredients: Shooting Star, Sunflower, and Buttercup

Cheer Me - Clears depression, the blues, and assists those who are feeling uninspired. I am happy. Ingredients: Wild Rose, Gentian and Borage

Organize Me - Assists one to focus, think clearly, and complete tasks and unfinished business with order and efficiency. I am productive. Ingredients: Shasta Daisy, White Chestnut, and Madia

Energize Me - Promotes life force and opens the chi, offering a ‘kick start’ when one is feeling a little stuck or lethargic. I am healthy and vibrant. Ingredients: Wild Iris, Blackberry and Larkspur

De-Stress Me - Establishes balance, ease, and comfort during times of deadlines, exams, and work and family stress. I am soothed and at peace. Ingredients: Dandelion, Aloe, Vera, and Elm

Comfort Me - Soothes and eases feelings of a broken heart, loss, and supports one when they feel as though love has forgotten them. I am loved. Ingredients: Baby Blue Eyes, Borage and Bleeding Heart

It warms our heart to send healing flower essences your way.

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