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Orchid Flower Essence

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Orchid flower essence greatly enhances one’s sensuality and sexual desire.

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Orchid Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Orchid flower essence greatly enhances one’s sensuality and divine pro-creative forces. This flower remedy seeks to refine the raw drive of sexual desire.

In the ecstasy of Nature,
Through the soul of Pan,
May the Orchid refine,
The earthly human,
Orchid's pure essence
Awakens the heart
Sexuality and Love
Are never apart.

Latin: Bauhinia forticata

Color(s): White

Archetype: Pan, God of Wild Nature. The Greek horned god of wild nature identified with unbridled sexuality and desire. Closely associated with the Cult of Dionysus, Pan is said to have mated with the great Goddesses Athena, Penelope, and Selene. Just as men can only reach full maturity through healing relations with women—relationships which heal the primal disconnection with their mothers—it may be that Pan, the ultimate confirmed bachelor, will only reach his maturity as a cultural icon when he is understood first in his role as a consort to the Goddess.

Signature: The orchid tree is a dark green evergreen with twisting truck and prickly thorns. Through the spring and summer, it bears narrow –petaled, creamy white flowers which grow up to three inches wide. Its blossoms reach for the light yet are very sensitive to direct sun.

Healing: The forces of nature are vibrantly alive with ultraviolet colors and wave frequencies which we as humans cannot perceive. The same is true with regards to your own inner gardens of sexuality. With the appearance of Pan, the Wild God of the forest, you are offered a mythical perspective on your own primal nature and instincts, ushering in a higher awareness regarding these matters.

The orchid tree fine tunes itself, redefining its form over and over amongst its own thorns and convoluted pathways. Its luscious flowers can twist, bend, lean and climb when seeking the light, but they remain succulent in the shade. Their blooms will shrivel up and die if exposed for too long to the heat of direct sunlight. Your sexuality is like that, too. You must, with constant striving, seek the highest, fullest expression of your passions, and, yet, learn to temper them, as well. And like the orchid tree, you too, must find your way amongst thorns and tortured pathways until you come to rest in the pure realization of your Divine Sexual Nature, symbolized here by the Orchid Flower.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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