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Image Oriental Poppy

Your Card: Oriental Poppy

Latin: Paparer orientale

Color(s): Brilliant Orange

Archetype: Shaman. The Shaman’s Way is a path of the heart involving profound reverence for the natural world at its deepest levels. We see that no real separation exists when one is in constant rhythm with plants, stars, animals, insects, birds, stones, and mountains, and that Nature is a sanctuary, a sacred womb, where body and soul truly meet.

Signature: Blossoms open dramatically, facing the sun, exposing deep black centers that reveal spider-like shapes within. Rich-green, fern-like leaves grow in clusters and the plant produces many large, long-stemmed bulbs resembling drumsticks, which become delicate rattles when dried.
It can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is hardy, yet profoundly delicate by nature.

Healing Properties: Oriental Poppy beckons one to journey into the mysteries of creative visualization and dream journaling, as used by ancient Shamans. Oriental Poppy is an excellent remedy for those wishing to enhance their clairvoyant and telepathic skills.

Healing: The Poppy Shaman calls you back to your true home in Nature, where your soul speaks directly to you, delivering its many sacred messages. Deep in your heart, the muses are aroused and the plant and animal spirits surround you. Vibrant rainbow colors swirl around the Poppy Shaman's head, symbolizing the divine rays of unity and harmony that exist only when one has attuned to Nature and Her consorts in the deepest possible way. The white butterflies who bask in the translucent colors of the rainbow are signs of transformation, for the deep core of the Oriental Poppy calls you to the dark mysteries that dwell, paradoxically, within the light. The Shaman's bright orange robe shimmers with passion, stimulating the creative center that exists just below the navel. It is from this place, the womb chakra, that psychic energy is birthed. Dragonfly, polar bear, lion, eagle, fish, and caterpillar are the sacred totems of the Poppy Shaman. To which these spirits are you most attuned?

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