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Mountain Pride Flower Essence

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Mountain Pride flower essence assists those who wish to define their purpose in life. This essence is for those who strive and presevere with fortitude and an earnest heart.

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Mountain Pride Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Lending courage to the spiritual seeker, Mountain Pride flower essence assists in aligning the individual's actions with purity and honesty, empowering them to speak from their heart and act with conviction and common sense in order to achieve their destiny. This flower remedy helps an individual envision new goals and aspirations.

Mountain Pride with noble beauty,
Teach me to honor my responsibility.
To walk my talk and with love impart,
To follow my journey,
A Path with Heart.

Latin: Penstemen newberryi

Color(s): Red

Archetype: The Spiritual Warrior. Also known as the “Peaceful Warrior,” he is spiritually guided into various warrior-like maneuvers when no other alternative exists. The Spiritual Warrior is motivated by infinite compassion for the suffering of all beings—even the most stubborn and intractable—to help alleviate such suffering by whatever skillful means necessary. When you fail to respond to the gentle lessons life repeatedly offers you, the Spiritual Warrior presents you with more and more insistent ones until you are forced to give them the attention they deserve.

Signature: Growing well in dry, sunny climates, this plant has a woody base with thick, roundish to other leaves. Its rich, rose-red flowers are tubular in shape.

Healing: You are a Spiritual Warrior, Male or female, you carry the Medicine Way within you, for you walk in reverence as you pursue your heart's calling - your destiny. The Great Mountain and the Zenith Sun remind you of the goals you wish to accomplish. Eagle is your guide, representing the illumination of your spirit. Elk stands as your companion, noble and strong, lending its Medicine of perseverance and endurance. The Warrior wears a red cloak, the color of Mountain Pride, for he has been initiated with true, spiritual pride into the service of the world. Whatever your race, gender, age or creed, you are being shown the paradoxical way of peaceful force. Mother Earth opens her lands for you to walk your noble journey.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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