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Image VI Hansel and Gretel

Your Card: VI Hansel and Gretel

When this card appears in your reading, a deep spiritual initiation or union may be taking place. Realize that each person has a feminine/masculine balance and that it is now time for you to bring these inner components into a state of balance and equilibrium. Hansel is a symbol of the animus-the wind, the spirit, and male energy. Gretel signifies the anima-the soul, nurturing, and female energy. Together, hand in hand, their rapport indicates a preliminary form of the divine marriage. Meditate on the beauty of hese two children inspiring each other, and remember that they reflect the lost love of their parents, who have been worn down by the rigors of life. The spiritual embrace, the romantic touch, the heart-centered gaze can allow you to reexperience the richness and wonders of the world.

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