Full Moon In Taurus: Gems of Wisdom

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Image Full Moon In Taurus: Gems of Wisdom

The first thought I had as I sat down to write this Full Moon report was: Take Care of Your Tender Heart.

The month ahead has chasms in the foundation of life; deep narrow places we must look into with keen eyes of awareness. Wherever you live in the world, there will be cracks in the mosaic of life. Light does dwell in deep places, and we must go there.

I cannot help but feel the synchronicity of the passing of a beloved musician, Leonard Cohen, whose music echoed deep resonance with those dark places. His melody touched the hallowed, yet blessed parts of yearning, serving as sacraments of truth. His edgy lyrics, like sand paper, rubbed rough edges smooth, comforting many of us during our own passages of change. His voice, a mysterious juxtaposition of what is Holy and what could be Hell, opening a gateway into our own musings of dark and light.

How timely his passing as the stars now greet our Leonard.

The Full Moon is upon us. The full moon light carries an incandescent luminesce that awakens insight and arouses the sleepy parts of the psyche. We feel more, we are enlightened within the core, and we thrust toward new things. What do we see? What do we feel? What have we learned? It can be daunting as the grit of life rubs the dull into shine as we find our way toward starry wishes.

This Full Moon at 23 degrees of Taurus carries a beautiful tone of beauty for Humanity.

Dane Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol is:


Keynote: The social confirmation of natural excellence Dane writes: The symbol applies to any product to which culturally acquired skill has embellished or transformed the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process. We are concerned with the social process which brings about 


What do you wish for?

Juno is conjunct Mercury in the full moon chart. The dynamic of communication is keen. Go deep. Do not despair, because the clearer the inner Truth, the greater the Light. Trust in the solace of your inner voice. Free fall into wisdom. There is soft ground there.

Venus (love, beauty, values) has moved into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn and will travel through this constellation through December 7th, 2016. Take every opportunity to solidify the blueprint of Love. Get the bulldozer rolling...clear the topsoil of well-worn relationship patterns and say 'Yes" to responsible choices.

The Full Moon chart has North Node at 9 degrees of Virgo. This represents the destiny of our month; a seed point of vision as we venture toward a new cycle. It's symbol follows:


Keynote: The urge to express one's individual sense of value regardless of tradition This is a statement of uncompromising self-reliance, which may even imply a kind of defiance and challenge to society. The mind is seeking to discover the character of the basic and true foundation of individual self-hood, and the AUM tone of individual being. In the process, however, what is expressed is usually the reflection of a deep catharsis with emotionally charged and often tragic overtones.

We seek to individuate. We seek authenticity. We express.

Neptune is conjunct the South Node in the Full Moon Chart. Oh the calamity of Neptune! We must find our way through illusion, foggy exasperation, and unshaped dreams. Take the future step by step, watch for pitfalls and unsteady ground, but walk with certainty.

Mars recently moved into the sign of Aquarius. Again, align with pure individual aims, remain clear and free of ego driven impulses. Explore the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Today, the terrain of life calls for mighty climbers.

As Anne Frank wrote: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world"

From my heart to yours,
Isha Lerner

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