Full and New Moon Reports

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June

Fri, Jun 05 2020 1:24 pm Full and New Moon Reports    Comments
Image Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June

Here’s the Story: Hope may emerge through voice, imagining, dreaming, contemplating, bringing new ideas to the table, like breaking bread, we share nourishment of Soul to regain sustenance. A collective choir, undeniable truth, singing like angry angels, pierce the sky with a sounding cry for mercy. A wave of tears, an emotional tsunami rocks us hard and we struggle to balance. Mars, the pivot point of the sun/moon square evokes aggression and healing through the sun (ego) and chaos through the moon (emotion).


New Moon in Aquarius

Thu, Feb 11 2021 11:30 pm Full and New Moon Reports    Comments
Image New Moon in Aquarius

Every type of experience can be made to serve a spiritual purpose. Every man or woman, however humble his or her status, can be an example to those still struggling to overcome or control the compulsive drives of their emotional-biological natures. Whoever has managed a difficult performance contributes to the collective wisdom of community and of mankind. Every achievement is to be passed on to those who may be inspired by it to greater and more adequate efforts.


New Moon in Gemini ~ 2020

Fri, May 22 2020 12:00 am Isha Lerner Full and New Moon Reports    Comments
Image New Moon in Gemini ~ 2020

Our Mother Earth is singing a ballad to all humankind. (The New Moon chart reveals Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces.) The reality we face is the story of her song. Break addiction. See through the illusions. Speak beauty. Refuse the lie. Be magical.


Full Moon In Taurus: Gems of Wisdom

Mon, Nov 14 2016 12:00 am Isha Lerner Full and New Moon Reports    Comments
Image Full Moon In Taurus: Gems of Wisdom

The first thought I had as I sat down to write this Full Moon report was: Take Care of Your Tender Heart.


New Moon in Scorpio

Sun, Oct 30 2016 12:00 am Isha Lerner Full and New Moon Reports    Comments
Image New Moon in Scorpio

Note: A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth. freeing the imagination from material limits. Thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for! Here's my New Moon Report for October 30th 2016, in Scorpio.


Full Moon in Aries: Blowin' in the Wind

Sat, Oct 15 2016 12:00 am Isha Lerner Full and New Moon Reports    Comments

Internationally the crisis in Syria continues, tensions in China and Japan deepen, Russia moves into the spotlight, and weather patterns challenge, taking authority as nature's own voice. I get it...I hope...like most of you...that there is a larger picture at play during this critical juncture at a global level. My sense is that we stand together at this precipice of change.

I do, however, wish to share a glimmer of 'hope.' This isn't intended as 'sugar coating' but a real and true potential currently invisible to our perception. Each Full Moon holds energy for the coming month while simultaneously highlighting the culmination of mass emotion from the past 28 days.


Full Flower Moon

"Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them--it is a subtle and fragrant language." (The Mother)



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