Flower Essences Help Us Blossom as Individuals

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Through the laws of higher order (regardless of our resistance), we are each graced with the potential to serve humanity. Likewise, we are offered the opportunity to align ourselves with a way of living that promotes respect for all individuals. The path to individuation is the key that unlocks the potential for each person to blossom and discover his or her path to freedom.

Flower essences enable us to balance the mind so that we may overcome the human maladies and delusions that keep us from knowing the mission and destiny we have come to fulfill.

Flower essence application is varied and diverse, yet simple.

Essences made from the living plants of our earth are imbued with a glorious luminosity, brimming with vitality and high vibrations. Flower essence therapy may seem, at first glance, too simple to be true.

It was Edward Bach's wish to keep the art of flower essence therapy simple, pure, and available to all. He believed that the administering of essences should be as simple as walking out to the garden to pick some lettuce for your supper or hiking to the woods to pick mimulus for your fear. The bottled essences make it possible to reach for the guardians of nature through the apothecary of our own home. In this way, we may choose a flower helper to assist us in caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

All conscious beings benefit from the cures and elixirs nature has to offer. For example, flower application is used successfully with children, babies, animals, and plants.

The fact that it would be impossible to give a baby or an animal a bottle of essences, then suggest that they attune to the healing possibility it holds for them, demonstrates that essences are not a placebo (i.e. little bottles of high ideals and imagination).

It must be stated, however, that mental affirmations and thought constructs may very well have an effect on our healing. Additionally, an individual holding the image of health, radiance and receptivity may in fact find better results with the flowers than one who holds rigid doubt and negativity. Flowers can be administered to deflect these conditions of pessimism and skepticism, as well.

Finding Peace, Joy

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in life is to exist on this planet for an entire lifetime without ever having truly lived, and to die without the experience of having been truly born. It is important that we meet the many challenges of physical incarnation and that we surrender fully into the richness of experience which is part and parcel of earthly existence. When we finally surrender to that which we have been avoiding, we come to a place of peace and joy. Everlasting joy can be found when the path to our Self Realization, the journey to our core, includes the bitter and the sweet. Then we can join these two aspects of our life into a story of Wholeness.

Paradoxically, this surrender that I am advocating is an act of will, of discipline, of intention. It is something that must be enacted over and over again, lest the delude habits of mind reasserts themselves. Just as a flower has a stem to hold itself erect we humans have our will force, our human stem. It is no accident that meditative traditions require us to keep our stem's straight and strong. How better to embrace whatever may arise in each new moment?

How better to unfold ourselves into this world?

"How will you know the difficulties of being human, if you're always flying off to blue perfection? Where will you plant your grief-seeds? We need ground to scrape and hoe, not the sky of unspecified desire. ~Rumi

The flowers and plants of the earth are sacred ground. Through the beauty of their healing may we become a mirror of their divinity, fully rooted in an earth body yet forever reaching upward toward the conscious light of the sun, the aspect of our soul that illumines the path into the rainbow of our inner garden.

Suggested Essence: Arise and Awaken Blend, created for these times as we shift into new states of consciousness.

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