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Fig Flower Essence

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Fig flower essence is capable of restoring and enhancing memory, and is excellent when doing past-life work.

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Fig Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Fig flower essence is capable of restoring and enhancing memory, and is excellent when doing past-life or early-childhood regression work. This flower remedy also balances one’s male and female elements at the cellular level; bringing the right and left hemispheres of the brain into a state of equilibrium and restoring deep wisdom to the body. It also helps with the conception process for those finding it difficult to conceive.

Sacred fig,
You carry seeds of feminine delight,
Fiery flowers of masculine light.
Alchemical vessel within my soul,
Reveal your secrets- make me whole.

Latin: Ficus carica

Color(s): The fig fruit is an enclosed inflorescence, sometimes referred to as a syconium, an urn-like structure lined on the inside with the fig's tiny flowers.

Archetype: Isis. The Egyptian Goddess “...from whom all becoming arose. Within the temple of her sacred womb she birthed the sun and moon, as well as all aspects of life: heaven and earth; male and female. Revered as Nature Herself, she is the living embodiment of divine wisdom, for she is never apart from its infinite variations in the natural world.

Signature: Neither fruit nor flower, the fig is a remarkable plant whose “fruit” is its receptacle for scores of tiny male and female flowers. These flowers mature and blossom wholly in the fig’s dark interior and develop seeds which are actually the fruit of the plant.

Healing: The fig is a rare plant, containing tiny seeds and flowers within a receptacle, just as Isis is a rare Goddess associated with a sacred vessel containing alchemical secrets. When Isis makes her appearance to you today, she opens the channels of your Higher Mind, decoding the memory of your deepest origins which can tell you her many secrets. The luscious fig overhead is opened, revealing the inner fruits and nectars that are stored within your soul.

The Holy Tree of Life at Mataria in Egypt, sacred to Isis, was the wild fig tree. Dried figs and wood from its holy branches were placed in the tombs of early dynasties to serve as womb symbols for rebirth. According to Ananda Tantra, the fig leaf is a form of the yoni. No doubt, the fig and Isis appear to you as enlightened messages of the divine feminine. Her vessel of life pours forth the elixir of all potentials; like Isis, you are granted the secrets of alchemy. Be still … Her flowers blossom in the vessel of your own heart.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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