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Fall Kit - New!

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Envision new goals and aspirations!

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Fall Kit - New!

Fall brings us transition and change. The long days of summer and vacation time turn into the shorter days of Fall and back to school/work for many. Its a time for new beginnings and schedules. For some, this transition lends to Seasonal Affective Disorder. The flower essences found in our Fall Kit  assist you with the transitions that come with this time of the year. Envision new goals and aspirations! The six essences come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles.

The Fall Kit  includes:

Angelís Trumpet
Angelís Trumpet flower essence offers its trumpet-like call, heralding a time of transformation and rebirth. It is especially helpful for those in transition, those resisting letting go of material attachments, or those engaged in the literal dying process. This flower remedy is so wonderful for those who are ready to release and free their souls unto the Divine.

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir flower essence aids in the physical healing of the nervous system in the legs and feet. It also aids in strengthening spiritual and mental empowerment. Similar to the strength found within the trunk of a tree, this flower remedy interacts with your body and mind to form a perfect harmony above and below. In the forest this tree is a towering giant. You will gain the physical strength of strong and pain-free lower limbs, as well as mental fortitude.

Mountain Pride
Mountain Pride flower essence assists the spiritual seeker in aligning their motivations with purity and honesty, empowering them to speak from their heart and act with conviction and common sense in order to achieve their destiny. This flower remedy assists those who wish to define and activate their purpose in life, and, helps the individual to envision new goals and aspirations.

Healing Properties: Mustard flower essence is the remedy to depression and darkness. Despair can occur for any number of reasons in our lives. Sorrow can easily turn into depression if we do not take proper care of ourselves when we are feeling hurt or sad. Bring the happiness back into your life with the Mustard flower remedy. Feel joy with this essence Ė experience life as though you were newly born, fresh from the womb.

Nootka Rose

Nootka Rose flower essence gently and uniquely stimulates the heart chakra to open to Cosmic Love and Wisdom, sometimes understood and experienced only through suffering and pain. Deep roots of this flower remedy reflect tenacity and endurance.

Pomegranate flower essence restores self-nurturing and regenerates fertility on all levels. This flower remedy helps to identify long-buried emotional needs (especially in relation to mother and childbearing issues). It also helps one to make self-affirming choices about creative self-expression and supports physical
vitality in women.

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