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Calla Lily Flower Essence

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Calla Lily flower essence purifies and balances one’s spiritual-sexual nature. This wonderful flower remedy stimulates intimacy and spiritual inspirations within a relationship, bridging the polarity between male and female energies.

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Calla Lily Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Calla Lily flower remedy rejuvenates, and balances one’s spiritual-sexual nature while bridging the Male/Female within. 

Calla Lily flower essence purifies, rejuvenates, and balances one’s spiritual-sexual nature, gently reuniting masculine and feminine principles. This is a wonderful flower remedy for those who wish to share a sexual/spiritual bond within a relationship context and is best taken, as a relationship healer, together with your partner. It is also beautiful to take when wishing to enhance magnetism and the sexual beauty within your life.

Calla Lily, pure and white,
Yellow sun rising within her bright.
I join the cosmic, alchemical trance,
Where love becomes a tantric dance.

Latin: Zantedeschia

Color(s): White

Archetype: Indian Tantric Lovers. The practice of tantra was likened to tending the flames of an inner sun which blazes forth from the sacred energy centers of the body, burning out negativity and purifying one’s psyche. In the process, one discovers the supreme Self hidden deep within the heart. Ultimately, this ancient art is capable of moving humanity beyond gender division and into alignment with the eternal Beloved Self.

Signature: Leaves twist and curl and cluster underneath the white Calla Lily flowers growing on long tubular stems. In the center of the flower is an erect, yellow stamen.

Healing: In yoga, it is recognized that there are three levels of energy: tamas, raja, and satva. The first, tamas, relates to primal sexuality. With this level, one's sensitivity is underdeveloped. The next, raja, relates to unenlightened passions, such as deluded romantic and sexual behavior which is not grounded or aligned within the heart of body of Love - for example, promiscuity or adultery. Finally, satvic sexuality, which is the tantric or sacred path, incorporates beauty, meditative healing, heart-felt compassion, and mystical attunement, and is spiritually beneficial.

The appearance of the Calla Lily indicates that a major awakening is now available to your consciousness regarding sexuality and inner Love. The exotic birds, representing spiritual Love, and the two Calla Lilies, representing unity and balance, surround the Calla Lily cave where Beloved male and female consorts join in cosmic embrace. These tantric lovers wear orange tunics, the color of the second, sacral chakra, for they have found the ultimate creative expression which anchors and integrates this creative center within the body. The color orange resonates with the vibrant hues of the rising sun, which when fully risen, radiates an awakened brilliance that burns away the ego. The lovers are gently held by the white Calla Lily, representing a kind of egoless cave of the heart, where two can truly meet and become One. Whether an individual pursuit or in relation to one's Beloved, the time has come to merge with these divine principles.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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