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California Poppy Flower Essence

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California Poppy flower remedy is a magical golden cup flower that enchants the soul, offering imagination and a vibrant appreciation for nature's invisible forces.  It can help with the clearing of addictions and drug abuse. 

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California Poppy Flower Essence

Healing Properties: California Poppy flower remedy expands one’s vision so that they may experience the magic of flowers, plants, trees, animals, human beings and unseen vibrational frequencies. It ignites intuition and awareness of dreams and imagination. The essence helps those who have clairvoyant gifts.  Known as ‘The Cup of Gold,” California Poppy flower remedy  stimulates joy so that we may embrace the magical life we live. Great for Spiritual work and deepens one's connection with nature. 

Oh, Fairy Queen, your magical world,

Dances in my sunlit soul.

California Poppy of vibrant rays,

Teach me the fairy ways.

Latin: Eschscholzia californica

Color(s): Pale Yellow to Deep Orange

Archetype: Deva, the Flower Fairies. These magician beings of etheric beauty are the omnipresent agents of Creative Will, the engineers of Nature. They direct, build, weave, and sustain all natural forces: solar, planetary, and universal. They are the “shining ones”—luminous beings of iridescent light, color and energy.

Signature: Growing abundantly in bright sunlight, California Poppy is quite durable in the hot summer months and it's blooms close up into a spiral on cloudy days and at night.

Healing: The fairy world, in its supreme purity, has come to greet you today. Perhaps you are being rewarded for having opened your heart to the wonders of the natural world. The Little People wish to pay their respects and welcome you into their magical world. Rejoice. This is, indeed, an honor. Greater vision is offered to you at this time, for you have been met with the devic consciousness of the Golden Poppy Fairy, who overlights her helpers, carrying the treasure of the warm and nurturing Sunlight within her heart. Close your eyes and allow the rapture of her radiant enchantment to fill your own loving heart. She may make herself known to you as you sleep, in meditation, or in awakened moments of ordinary life. Since fairy folk cannot resist the allure of creative energy, perhaps the Poppy Fairy will join you in your own symphony of creative harmonies as you undertake that creative project for which you've been meaning to find the time.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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