​Flower Essences: The Healing Power of Flowers

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As a self-employed businesswoman I maintain a hectic schedule that entails travel, deadlines, and commitments. Like many women, I burn the candle at both ends. Therefore my children, like most good intentioned offspring, have been, and are willing, to go along with my wild ride. Like most kids, they absorb and accept the environment from which they are raised. Kids are troopers. We must, however, find ways to minimize the stress hazards and emotional strain of their everyday life.

My two older daughters have successfully survived their busy childhood, and now, in early adulthood, attest to the healing power of flowers. Flower essences were our elixir through loss, anger, adolescence, teen emotions and growing up “self-worth stuff” - they helped the girls traverse their perilous journey through a hectic childhood with few scars. My youngest daughter, now nineteen years old, is currently a flower essence enthusiast, being drawn to their healing properties at an intuitive level. Flower essences help us to balance between a successful personal life and the demands of child rearing.

The remainder of this article consists of a description of flower essences that typically address the issues of stress. May the force of healing light be with you and your family.

Flower Essences for Stress

Elm:For children who feel overwhelmed and unable to cope well with the high demands of schoolwork, tasks, or busy lifestyle. Life becomes so burdened that the child cannot focus on or accomplish a defined goal.

Impatiens:For children who are unable to flow with the rhythm of the lifestyle around them. They feel irritable, edgy, and out of harmony with others. They may be exhausted, frustrated, and show signs of erratic behavior. Impatiens will help the child learn to flow with the pace of life around them with ease and grace.

Lavender:Similar to the oil and its use in aromatherapy, Lavender eases stress and tension. This remedy is for highly refined children who are sensitive to the environment and are in need of a balance between the physical needs of the body and soul awareness. This is a good remedy for children with headaches and overall body tension. Taken as a combination with Dandelion and Chamomile, Lavender serves as a tonic for tight and clenching muscles in the jaw area, or for back and shoulder tension. This blend may help a child who cannot sleep well.

Cherry Plum:This remedy is for extreme cases when the child seems out of control and his or her life is tending toward a complete meltdown or breakdown. They normally exhibit fears and express extraordinary concerns about their safety and well being. This is one of the five flowers in the Rescue Remedy blend. Use Rescue Remedy for severe stress, shock, and trauma.

Star of Bethlehem:This flower is needed when the child has experienced trauma. It will soothe the mind and auric field and soften the harsh blow of life’s hard knocks.

Bluebell:This remedy is for panic attacks and high anxiety. It allows the child to express clearly, breathe, and calm the center of the body’s channel known as the ‘solar plexus’ located beneath the heart and the rib cage and above the navel.

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