15 New Individual Essences

We're excited to unveil these 15 new additions to our Organic Single Essence line of remedies. We've tested them, their shelf life, and their potency, and we know you will love them too. They were chosen and produced as a means to assist the needs of Humanity as we change and adapt with the world around us.

I have gratitude for our Mother Earth as she has offered Her many blooms for our use and healing.


*NEW ESSENCE* Black Eyed Susan flower remedy allows old habits and well worn emotions to meet the light of transformation. The bright yellow halo of blossoms surrounding the dark inner core represent the golden protection and strength given to the solar plexis as one releases old habits and negative behaviors. The sunny yellow flowers that surround the darkened core mirror our potential toward our own Self Aware Universe.


*NEW ESSENCE* Blue Jade Flower Essence is an exotic flower of the pea and bean family. Pea family essences help the individual to integrate into society, family, and social events. Group consciousness is emphasized. The Blue Jade Flower assists those who feel very different in the world although they carry exquisite beautiful energy. They may have felt as if they were the ‘black sheep’ of the family, and Blue Jade Flower helps them recognize their unique gifts.


*NEW ESSENCE* Bougainvillea Flower Essence helps us to adapt to all circumstances, which may require an infusion of joy and hope amidst the challenges of life. The plant reveals a tiny white flower surrounded by brightly colored leaves, often mistaken for the flower itself. This tiny white flower mirrors an innocent beauty of the soul, which may be in need of uplifting inspirations and colorful possibilities. Its essence is JOY: a joy that is found nestled within the many-layered bounty of our complications.


*NEW ESSENCE* Daffodil Flower Essence has a positive effect on those who are in need of a boost of happiness and light. It acts like the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. One of the first signs of spring, the Daffodil serves as a radiant sign of hope. It is especially useful for the individual who is transitioning from crisis or darker times of transition.


*NEW ESSENCE* Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence carries a quality of group communication and networking. The flower essence knits a fabric of equality within the soul force, inviting the individual to examine the interior of belonging. When he or she feels excluded or abandoned, be it through crisis or self-defeating behaviors, Grape Hyacinth latches the soul onto a greater template of worth. This essence addresses personal crisis, especially when feeling despair or being out of touch with others.


*NEW ESSENCE* Oregon Grape Flower Essence serves the soul with an inclusive infusion of group consciousness and positive support for community endeavors. It helps the individual sweep away negative projections, allowing an objective view of oneself rather than an idea of what others may think of them.


*NEW ESSENCE* Parakeet Flower remedy heals the imprint of harshness for those who have been verbally abused and are sensitive to the negative influences of society. This essence is excellent for those who are deeply affected by the sharp edges of world events and media. Its essence offers protection from unwanted mental influences.


*NEW ESSENCE* Pink Yarrow flower essence helps one establish proper boundaries with the world, be it the work environment, family integration, or personal relationships. The flower grows at the border of gardens, and its pink floral protection activates the heart chakra, granting divine love and acceptance while offering protection against the infusion of interrupted energies.


*NEW ESSENCE* Plumeria Flower Essence offers balance between forces of light and dark. Its scent is most fragrant under the moon. The remedy assists those who must establish balance between an overly active constitution and stagnation. Plumeria assists with dreamtime, sleep, and protects one from the invasion of nighttime fears. It enhances prayer, meditation, and rest.


*NEW ESSENCE* Purple Crown Flower essence activates Royal aspects of Divine Worth. Also known as ‘pua kalaunu’ in Hawaii, the flower originates from India where it was planted in the compounds of Temples. It was a favorite lei flower of Queen Liliuokalani who was the last monarch of Hawaii. It’s amazing that this plant attracts Monarch butterflies, offering a home for prolific breeding. Use this essence to attract a ‘butterfly’ consciousness; one of transforming and transcendent possibilities. Crown your life with royal love.


*NEW ESSENCE* Red Ginger flower essence serves as an energetic tonic to the root chakra and the sacred center of sexual passion, life force, and fertility. Preferring a moist terrain, Red Ginger essence opens a subtle force of sublime connection with source. At the top of a Red Ginger plume, a luminous white flower blossoms during the height of its growth pattern. This same opening occurs within the individual when the light of purification crowns the sensuality of the human body. Red Ginger enhances sexual individuality and the freedom to explore the terrain of true passions and creativity.


*NEW ESSENCE* Shasta Daisy serves as a mandala to the soul. It has the ability to organize the fragmentation of ideas and thoughts, helping the individual to live within the framework of holistic and focused thinking and creating.This essence is excellent for students, writers, and creative visionaries who wish to manifest their dreams into physical reality.


*NEW ESSENCE* Shasta Lily Flower Essence invokes the soul grace of the Divine Feminine, rendering internal strength and alignment with aspects of Her expression. Integration of feminine and masculine countenance offers an awakened spectrum of wholeness. The luminous bloom of Shasta Lily (feminine) is most prolific when gracing the landscape of mountain regions (masculine). It is a beautiful essence for dancers, those who wish to reconcile a union with the feminine, and for all who are entranced by beauty.


*NEW ESSENCE* Weigela Flower Remedy helps to integrate speech patterns with emotional expression. Bursting with joyous light, Weigela broadens our ability to understand and trust our ability to speak from the feeling realm.


*NEW ESSENCE* White Crown Flower, like Purple Crown Flower, activates Royal aspects of ‘Self Worth,” however, the white purity of its color offers an aspect of transformation. The plant attracts the pollination of the Monarch Butterfly, and in Hindu and Indian Mythology, the white butterfly represents a Transcendent Mind and transformation. Use this essence when opening the channels of Self Worth beyond the limitations of personal gain. This essence offers a tonic to inspire the activation of spiritual wisdom.

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