Who is Dr. Bach?

Vibrational Healing and the Work of Dr. Edward Bach

One of the great names in the field of vibrational healing is Edward Bach, the founding father of the Bach Flower Remedies. Edward Bach brought flower essence as a healing modality to the attention of the medical establishment in England in the 1930’s. A medical doctor steeped in the field of homeopathy, Dr. Bach began to case study the healing effects of the flower’s essence, which he had discovered while collecting dew drops from plants at dawn. Theorizing that such drops contained the energy pattern or signature of the plant from which is was derived, he further supposed that when ingested by human beings, the essence of the flower would match the vibrational patterns stored within the genetic storehouse of the human being. From these astute observations came the famous Bach Flower Remedies. Dr. Bach’s famous work has opened the door to the empirical study of flowers and their vibrational healing qualities. Knowledge of the flower essences today is rapidly growing as more and more medical and progressive practitioners turn to them as a healing modality with adults, children, animals, and even the plants themselves.

Dr. Bach advocated an astute medical model that honored the individuation and healing powers of all people. He inspired humanity to seek emotional harmony and balance within body, mind, and soul as a means toward happiness, service and good health. He was disturbed to discover that when administering the exact same medicine to two different individuals with the same illness, each individual would respond differently; some would heal, others would remain ill, while some perish.

His 38 remedies have aided humanity for over sixty years, inspiring other, like minded individuals to engage in similar efforts creating new varieties of flowers essences for the greater good.

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