New Moon in Gemini ~ May 25th

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Image New Moon in Gemini ~ May 25th

New Moon in Gemini ~ May 25th 2017

Paying Attention to Soul

How we choose to relate with others in this complex and diverse world is emphasized during this New Moon phase. Pluto, planet of hidden power and depth, is conjunct Juno, the asteroid associated with relationship, marriage, and commitment, both in the sign of Capricorn. Integrity is the key word and Earnest Honesty is the key action. This powerful aspect, squaring Venus, planet of Love, and Pallas, the asteroid associated with wisdom, intelligence, and strategy, in the sign of Aries, pushes and challenges us as we evaluate the status quo of values, power, leadership, and intimacy.

We’re offered opportunity to delve into the psyche of love’s greatest challenges such as longing, desire, manipulation and change. Through these emotions, we're challenged to confront Conscious Heart-Work; a work that may conjure a range of raw emotions; wooly and wild, yet tamed by a conscious Willingness to summon them forward. What do you need? What do you fear?

Also, Saturn in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini in the New Moon chart, setting the tone for a ‘push/pull” dynamic. An urge to take action quickly, Mars, is double checked and halted by Saturn.

The way forward is through a patient Heart. A New Moon north node in Leo duels with the icy and rigid logic of south node Aquarius. Resolutions arise eventually, however, the secret to finding answers is seeded within a stillness of mind, a listening, an Awakened Call to Soul.

We must be earnest. The 'Home Work of the Soul' summons we explore hidden motives that have led us toward destruction. Brave and sincere, this work beckons to solve mystifying and complex patterns that have blurred the way toward Inner Peace; a quality of balance enabling a secured relationship with the world.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is at five degrees Gemini.


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Dane Rudhyar writes: “Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.”

A global interaction is required. Conscious relationship is essential. In an attempt to understand the complexity of today’s events, we must pay attention to the Inner Voice of the Heart. We’ve got to get it right. Again, what do we fear? What do we need? Be Truth, for this truth is the guiding light that stills the storm.

Courage and Caution are camaraderie’s of fierce love in action. Reaching beyond comfort zones, we move toward uncharted territory together. New Moon, seeding...the vessel of our hearts..

As always, I stand in unity with you.

Isha Lerner

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