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Image 25. Trinity

Your Card: 25. Trinity

Soul Message: From the depths of the stars to the luminous flowers in nature, the threefold mystery of the Divine Feminine is limitless. Deep within the vastness of the universe...that is where you will find Her. Nestled within the cave of your heart...that is where you will find Her. Flooding all and loving all, Her beauty lives within your soul. Open your life to Her infinite kiss of peace.

Alchemy and Transformation: The path of the spiritual seeker has reached its highest level of embodiment. This is alchemy in its truest expression. The magic power of three has manifested, this time, as the awakened World Soul.

Awakening to the Archetype –Green Tara: The Triple-Triple Goddess—triple-charged, holographic gateway into the pantheon of Triple Goddesses and all they represent and embody throughout time and space and beyond. The Dalai Lama has characterized Her as “the first feminist,” in the truest and best sense of the word, for Her actions on behalf o females were/are motivated by love for all beings and the passionate desire that all should be free of the mistaken notions and views which cause them to suffer.

Everyday Encounters: Arise and seize each day breathing in the rainbow-colored essence of Green Tara, the embodiment of the entire pantheon of Triple Goddesses. With everyone you encounter throughout your day, allow your Triple Goddess rainbow light to radiate directly into their hearts. Envelop everyone you meet with her womb of infinite wisdom and compassion. Demonstrate the truth that, indeed, everything in life is a miracle.

Nature’s Healers: Natura, the Soul of Nature

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