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Image XIII Sleeping Beauty

Your Card: XIII Sleeping Beauty

When this card appears in your reading, along period of contemplation may be needed. Do not be afraid of the quiet growth occurring within. Enter the world of dreams, archetypes, and symbols with courage and emotional calm. Learn while you are in a receptive state. Doing something externally is not always an answer. Let go of the past. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, a magical process is underway in the depths of your being. Eventually, you will sprout wings and soar like an eagle over formerly uncharted realms of knowledge. The process of metamorphosis is dangerous, but every child must go through this incubation period before becoming an adult. The young person must leave the safety net of childhood, but the joys and sorrows of that time span will live on in the imagination. This card also suggests the healing power of sleep. Without enough rest, the cells of the body cannot function properly and the immune system is stretched to its limit. See the peace and quiet of sleep as an interlude of tranquil recuperation. During sleep, the soul loosens its grip on the physical body and roams the spiritual universe (while still maintaining its tie to the body through the \silver cord\ or thread of consciousness). Enjoy this nightly excursion into another realm of existence and bring back the fruits of those experiences in the forms of amazing dreams, visions and plans for the future.

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