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Enjoy our array of publications, created by Isha Lerner. Power of Flowers book/deck set is a companion to our flower essences. Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot is an international best seller used and adored by thousands.

Come along with us into a world of sacred imagery and insight.


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This ultimate Power of Flowers collection contains the entire set of 32 Power of Flower's essences packaged in a four set, easy to use, practitioner's box and the 32  exquisite Power of Flower's cards plus Isha Lerner's Power of Flowers book. 


New Printed Edition! In this set of 32 exquisitely created divination cards, Isha Lerner combines the healing essence of flowers with the mythical archetypes of humanity. She portrays the beauty and enchantment of the co-creative principles between humanity and nature in a sensitive, intelligent and provocative manner.  


The book contains a special poetic message from each flower, as well as information on using the essence of the flower for further vibrational healing.

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A best-selling tarot deck, with 78 beautifully-illustrated cards of child-like whimsy and wonder, illuminating the mystical meaning of fairy tales and the hero’s journey of the soul.


The Triple Goddess Tarot consists of twenty-two Major Arcana Cards plus four additional original Alchemy Cards in beautiful designs that invoke a twenty-six-step journey into the mystery and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. Also included is a set of seven chakra cards.


This innovative 78-card tarot deck calls forth a shamanic presence through its evocative imagery of primal symbols and tribal art forms from earth mythology and folklore.

    Organic Essences

    All Power of Flowers Healing Essences are made from pristine pure organic wild flowers in their natural habitat.

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    Flower Essence Blends

    Each Essential Blend is created with attuned and careful analysis in order to insure a harmonic resonance with the chosen flowers that have been included in each remedy.

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    Ask Isha

    Isha Lerner, founder of Power of Flower essences, has been working with and researching flower essences for 35 years. An international leader in her field of metaphysics, Isha is available for individual sessions.

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    Children's Flower Essences

    The Power of Flower Children's Essence Blends are here! We've tied them in with our Best Selling Inner Child Cards. Using both together is beyond magical and healing.

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    Learn more about yourself and the people in your life through these fascinating astrological interpretations. All astrology reports are detailed and easy to understand, each with its own uniquely informative lens.

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