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Your Card: Three of Swords

In this card, a beautiful young maiden is pictured playing a triangle crafted from tiny swords. She contemplates the prospect of harmony and focus. In an open window above, a songbird is perched on the sill, listening to her melody. This songbird symbolizes freedom. Traditionally, the Three of Swords is a card of stress and tension, often signaling lost love. However, what is actually lost is self-love, for the mind has lost contact with the heart. What is needed is a reunion of the heart chakra and the crown chakra in order that a symphony of thought can find a melodic message of truth within. The bird is a messenger liberating the girl from limiting thoughts. The number 3 signifies joy, harmony, and communication. The triangle also symbolizes the spiritual trinity of spirit, heart, and body. The girl is learning how to \play with\ and blend three aspects of human existence. The castle walls suggest the mental constructs that block true expression of beautiful soul qualities in the world. Remember that your thoughts are your allies. Learn to play your thoughts like an orchestra. Your fears might be the drums, your hopes, the violins, and your victories the trumpets. Seek the pure joy of the mind. Don't let the refrains of self-doubt cause mental discord. Your daily language can be as magnificent as a finely tuned Mozart concerto. On a practical level, this card may suggest bringing more music into your life. Play a musical instrument or listen to a favourite recording. The magic of sound can be a healing force-soothing your mind, calming your emotions, and relaxing your body.

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